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We have received contributions of novel results, ongoing work, and position papers focusing on various aspects of Data-driven Resilience Research from a scientific or practical perspective.

For the workshop, we received a total of 12 contributions, out of which 7 were selected to be included in the proceedings and for presentation. Additionally, we are happy to have a keynote at the beginning of our half day workshop.

08:30 - Welcome (Sebastian Tramp)

  • 08:30 - Registration at the Conference
  • 09:00 - Welcome (Sebastian Tramp; Slides)

09:10 - Keynote

Knowledge Graphs for Global Events and Trade by Simon Gottschalk (Research group leader at the L3S Research Center, Leibniz Universität Hannover; Slides)

09:30 - Session 1 (Chair: Natanael Arndt)

  • 09:30 - Dynamic Representations of Global Crises: Creation and Analysis of a Temporal Knowledge Graph for Conflicts, Trade and Value Networks by Julia Gastinger, Nils Steinert, Sabine Gründer-Fahrer, Michael Martin ( Paper, Slides)
  • 09:50 - From Data to Insights: Constructing Spatiotemporal Knowledge Graphs for City Resilience Use Cases by Amin Anjomshoaa, Hannah Schuster, Johannes Wachs, Axel Polleres ( Paper, Slides)
  • 10:10 - Base Platform for Knowledge Graphs with Free Software by Simon Bin, Claus Stadler, Norman Radtke, Kurt Junghanns, Sabine Gründer-Fahrer, Michael Martin ( Paper, Slides)

10:30 - Coffee Break

11:00 - Session 2 (Chair: Michael Martin)

  • 11:00 - Truth or Dare: Investigating Claims Truthfulness with ClaimsKG by Susmita Gangopadhyay, Katarina Boland, Danilo Dessí, Stefan Dietze, Pavlos Fafalios, Andon Tchechmedjiev, Konstantin Todorov, Hajira Jabeen ( Paper, Slides)
  • 11:20 - Wildfire Prediction using Spatio-Temporal Knowledge Graphs by Martin Böckling, Heiko Paulheim, Sarah Detzler ( Paper, Slides)
  • 11:40 - A Knowledge Graph Perspective on Supply Chain Resilience by Yushan Liu, Bailan He, Marcel Hildebrandt, Maximilian Buchner, Daniela Inzko, Roger Wernert, Emanuel Weigel, Dagmar Beyer, Martin Berbalk, Volker Tresp ( Paper, Slides)
  • 12:00 - A News Recommendation System for Environmental Risk Management by Hamed Aboutorab, Ran Yu, Alishiba Dsouza, Morteza Saberi, Omar Khadeer Hussain ( Paper, Slides)

12:30 - Lunch

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